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Early Bird Catches the Worm...

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

This phrase seems to be battered around a lot... It makes sense though right? Birds who start their flight early have access to more worms than those who start late and are therefore more likely to be successful. Don't worry I won't blab on about birds and worms for the rest of the post... promise. This morning Alice and I got our first bit of training in relatively early, so did we catch the worm, so to speak?

We began our bike ride at 6:30am and it was pitch black, and when I say pitch black, I mean it felt as if Voldemort himself had sucked all of the light from the world, we couldn't even see the road 2m ahead of us - definitely need to get brighter lights for next time! Despite, the original apocalyptic feeling, once the sun began to rise, the whole ambience changed. Endorphins combined with the (albeit cold) sun of Scotland and we were chatting away. These strange mood swings continued for the whole ride; a brief but beautiful stop at Elie beach was certainly a high, but to suggest finding out that the chocolate café we had been hoping to stop at in Pittenweem didn't open until 10am was a disappointment, would definitely be an understatement!

Despite the chocolate café being closed, we definitely didn't miss out on the food front - upon our return to St Andrews we went to 'Gorgeous' café and had scones and hot chocolate - very tasty! How did this affect the rest of the day?

I found myself highly motivated for the rest of the day - I managed to do so many menial tasks that normally I don't even want to think about! I FINALLY unpacked all of my stuff from home, cleaned my room and the kitchen. I then spent a large proportion of my day completing administrative tasks I had put on hold for weeks. I haven't been focused continuously for such a length of time for the whole of 2020, so that suggests that the early bird really does catch the worm.

What about the evening? Did I crash and burnout after an early morning start?

I spent the evening completing a challenging 3.4km swim set, shoutout to Alice, Matt and Jacob for being awesome lane buddies! We then did 30 minutes of open water skills and although this isn't my favourite part of the session, it was great to spend some quality giggling time with Abi. After the session, I went to Abi's for a late night hot chocolate and catch-up, before walking home.

Overall this has to have been one of my favourite days of semester so far! So does the early bird catch the worm? Although the earliness meant we failed to catch the chocolate café when it was open (still upset in case you can't tell), I think the early bike ride set me up for a productive and positive day, and would highly recommend - especially if you can combine it with a beautiful sunrise!

Advice of the day: Be a bird who catches the worm!

Sunrise at Elie beach.

#BeTheBird #CatchTheWorm

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