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Just Another Manic Monday...

Today in three words... Crazy. Fun. Tunes.

The morning started pretty slow because I missed MMF (Monday Morning Fitness) on advice of the physio. Instead I went to the library and tried to get some work in... though I must admit my concentration levels were low today.

I then went for a lovely swim, I managed 3.7km and did some long-distance stamina speedwork which was actually a lot of fun. I went to the careers centre and had a chat with a very nice lady about CV layout and then did about an hour or so of work and ate a tasty chicken sandwich. I also saw the Morris gang (Charlotte, James and Harry) at the union, which was really fun! Harry is up visiting his elder siblings as they are on half term holidays - he has grown so much since I last saw him.

I then headed to the sports centre and went on a nice 5 mile recovery run, my legs were feeling yesterday at first but once I got into it, it was pretty nice. I then did a relatively difficult spin set (pretty sweaty haha), before heading out to the track, where we had a triathlon club session, I did another 5 miles, but still nice and easy as don't want to over do it. I must say I really enjoyed my spin tunes, shout out to 'Timeless Love Songs' on Spotify - definitely didn't expect to enjoy spinning to such songs but it was awesome! At track we also had some good T Swift blaring from the speakers which was pretty motivating! We are trying to do a virtual triathlon to Berlin this week and getting in the running miles is definitely going to be the biggest challenge!

I then went to netball club's spin session, although I didn't work too hard I still found myself feeling pretty tired. We did some fun planking high-five games at the end though, which was a lot of fun. There was also some fantastic tunes that made me smile the whole way through the session, in particular 'Wavey' made me giggle. I did a short gym session after as I am trying to build some arm strength for Neptune Steps - though I must admit S and C isn't really my strong suit and I still feel very weak.

I then headed back to the library for an attempted quick blast at work as I have two presentations tomorrow. Unfortunately, I got very little work done and ended up mostly doing emails instead. Exercise today was good, but I am hoping for better concentration while working tomorrow!

Advice of the day: If you're struggling to concentrate, do something different and come back to it! There is no use just staring at a screen. And good tunes can change your day, so if in doubt, get the music out!

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