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Miles, Miles, Miles.

Sorry I haven't written a daily blog for a wee while. In the time that I haven't written, highlights include a bakeoff, a Mario cart social, lots of running, a great 5.6km swim set, some tasty overnight oat breakfasts, brunch with Charlotte, a presentation on Herzen and a lovely facetime with Nicky and Sorcha!

Today I woke up, did some menial chores and a little bit of work. I then headed to the sports centre and went on a nice 10 mile run. We went through Lade Braes, down through a golf course and onto the farm route.

I then went to a meeting about the vaccinations we needed for Zambia, which kind of freaked me out, but hopefully all will be fine. Then Ailsa, Matt and I headed out on a run, I only did the first five miles because of the earlier run but it was a lot of fun, although pretty windy!

I then made a jacket potato for lunch which was very yummy. Then I answered some emails, wrote the triathlon email and did a bit more work. I then headed to the gym for some core, stretching and stability work which was surprisingly fun.

The best part of my day was definitely having dinner at Ellie's with Ellie and Connor. We had vegan shepherds pie and peas and it was scrumptious! It was so nice to chat and properly catch up and what we had been up to... I miss seeing them both in class everyday.

After dinner I walked home in some crazy wind; at one point the wind was so strong I was really having to charge against it and then it suddenly dropped and I nearly fell flat on my face. Once I made it home, I made some brownies and put them in the oven.

I then packed for tomorrow and had my shower. Halfway through, I realized that I had completely forgotten about the brownies - they were a little singed to say the least.

All in all I had a lovely day today and was impressed with the 15 miles I managed with only a little knee pain. What am I looking forward to this week? It is RAG week so I am looking forward to trying to do a virtual triathlon with the club to Berlin. My family are here so I think I will go out for a bike ride with Stu, have dinner with everyone and have a fun movie/sleepover with Meg. At the end of the week I am heading to Lily's house in Northern Scotland for her 21st which will be super fun. Finally, everyone heading to Zambia this summer is going to Edinburgh on Sunday to meet some of the other students which should be very enjoyable.

Hope you have a fantastic week, what are you up to?

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