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Why have I decided to start a blog? I guess the answer to this question lies more with the feeling - why not? I have always enjoyed writing and it seems like a fun way to communicate with everyone, everywhere. I came up with the idea whilst preparing for the Volunteer Zambia project I will be participating in this summer with my university.

I am completing a number of challenges, from the Neptune Steps open water swimming race, to my first ever marathon! I thought this blog would be a fun and exciting way to keep you all updated on the races and the training I have been doing to prepare.

Will this blog just be a training diary that will bore you all to death? I hope not. I will try to make it as entertaining, funny and honest as possible. I will post about non-training aspects of my life and would love to do some pieces on hot topics too (drugs in sport, the existence of fate, food reviews, historical topics, mental health - anything!) - so send ideas my way and I will do my best to provide some insight and opinions.

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