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Pits, Peaks and Winnie the Pooh - Who knew?

'What day is it?' asked Pooh, 'It's Today' squeaked Piglet, 'My favourite day' said Pooh.

Little bit random but I have been trying to live everyday more fully recently and I came across this little piece and thought it fit perfectly. Today was an up and down day, but I definitely squeezed a lot of fun out of it, and the downs certainly made the up at the end of the day feel even better!

Started my morning quite relaxed, did dome research on Alexander Herzen (one of the humans I am studying for my Russian history course this week - super interesting guy - may even do a cheeky post on him so you can all learn more :) ) and answered a few emails.

I then had a coffee with the lovely Ellie T, we had a great chit chat and caught up on everything we have been up to since being back at university. After coffee, I went for a quick 2.5km recovery swim, before heading home to pick up some stuff for this afternoon and plan my coaching sessions for this evening. So up to lunch, I had a pretty good day!

The afternoon didn't start super well, I did a recovery spin session with the university triathlon club and I felt awful the whole time. After the session, I had a meeting about the way the club is being run and it didn't go the way I had hoped. After feeling a little bit sorry for myself, I realized that I still had so many great things to do today and that I just needed to forget the stuff I couldn't control for now.

I sat with Csoban, and while he banged his head off the table because he was struggling with his computer science project (I certainly wasn't going to be any help I'm afraid), I turned to look at Wales in the period 1247-1267. I have to admit I didn't enjoy it as much as the Russian stuff but perhaps I will get into it more tomorrow and discover a real passion for Llywelyn ap Gruffudd - who knows! I did a bit of admin for the colour run and the bikeathons we are holding for RAG week and to raise money for Zambia - overall by 5pm I was feeling much better and as if I had achieved a decent amount.

I then played 90 minutes of netball. I am very short and not very good at netball but it never fails to cheer me up. I am always a bundle of giggles at training because I just find the team aspect of it super fun! Training wasn't that difficult this evening and my favourite part was definitely the match at the end because we got to run around a decent bit.

I then headed back to East Sands for what was undoubtedly my favourite part of today - coaching at East Fife Triathlon Club. I ran a hard spin session (know it was hard because no one was talking because they were too out of breath) and I was a sweaty mess to say the least. After spin, I coached a pool session that aimed to develop hand entry and speed - massive shout out to the top two lanes who swam the best I have ever seen them swim! This exercise and fun banter gave me the endorphin boost I needed to end my day on a high.

Who knew that channeling your inner Pooh Bear and trying to live every day as if it is your favourite could be so challenging yet rewarding?

Advice of the day: The pits make the peaks so much higher! Learn and move on.

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