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'Speculate. Strive. Smile.' - Why did I decide to call my blog this?

Apart from the obviously funky alliteration that I am hoping my GCSE English teachers will appreciate, I thought it summed up the way I would like to live. Today we are just going to look at speculate.

To Speculate as defined by none other than google itself is to 'form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.' No, this doesn't mean I aim to wander around making things up until the end of time - though that does sound kind of fun.

I want to speculate more in my life by trying things where I don't know what the outcome will be. I have always been a planner, as one of my best friends Tiya will tell you, at school I even 'scheduled fun'. At university I have learnt that though a schedule is good, so too is a bit of flexibility.

I want to form theories about the little things - How the man wandering around Tesco got so covered in mud? Or how the two girls chatting to eachother excitedly came to know one another? Not just little things, but big ones too - What happens when we die? Does fate exist? (Ask Dom - he is great to discuss this one with) or How sport should deal with performance enhancing drugs?

Do I plan to make any huge practical marks on the world with my speculation? No, not really.

I just want to think more deeply about the world we live in, but also about the people we live in it with. Speculation sparks creativity and emotional connection - two things I think are highly valuable. With this creativity and emotion channeled right I will hopefully forget about a schedule and truly live every moment.

What are you going to speculate about today?

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