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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

'Speculate. Strive. Smile.' - Why did I decide to call my blog this?

Today we will consider why I think striving is important.

To Strive can have multiple meanings: to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something, it can be a struggle and can take place over long or short periods of time. To strive for something you need a goal, and that is why I like the word.

These goals can be long-term things; I am striving to complete my first half ironman and to enjoy, but also do well in my degree. Other ideas could be to swim 20 lengths without stopping, to break the world record for how fast someone has sailed around the planet, to hand in all your essays at least 12 hours before the deadline this semester or to spend an extra night a week volunteering at something within your community. These goals require planning and I think the satisfaction often comes with the journey, rather than the end result.

You can also strive to complete short-term goals, for example holding the door open for more people, speaking to your mum on the phone or asking at least five people how they are feeling. These kinds of goals can definitely help flip your bad day into a good one, and can change someone else's for the better too.

We should all strive to keep doing the things we are good at, but also strive to do better- make a difference in an area we haven't yet. A simply smile can change everything... but we will come onto that tomorrow.

What are you striving for today? What about in the future?

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